Medical Office Billing and Collections Alert

Medical Office Billing and Collections Alert

Reimbursement Roundup: Modifier PT Helps Your Practice Capture Screening-Turned-Diagnostic Colonoscopy Pay

New modifier became effective Jan. 1 — here’s how you’ll report it.

The question of how to code a screening colonoscopy that becomes diagnostic during the course of the procedure — and whether the patient’s deductible applies — has long puzzled some practices, but a new Medicare modifier solves that problem. Learn how modifier PT (CRC screening test converted to diagnostic test or other procedure) can solve your colonoscopy reimbursement woes.

Get to Know Modifier PT Basics

Effective Jan. 1, Medicare carriers accept new modifier PT to explain when your physician starts a screening colonoscopy that then becomes a diagnostic procedure.

“This tells the MAC contractor that the service started as a screening procedure (e.g. G0105 [Colorectal cancer screening; colonoscopy on individual at high risk], G0121 [Colorectal cancer screening; colonoscopy on individual not meeting criteria for high risk]) but an abnormality was found and the procedure became diagnostic or therapeutic,” says Joel V. Brill, MD, AGAF, CHCQM, American Gastroenterological Association, AMA/Specialty Society Relative Value Update Committee (RUC) Advisory Committee Member.

When appended to your procedure code, “the modifier will indicate to Medicare to waive the deductible for a diagnostic procedure,” says Christine Ross, CPC, with Digestive Healthcare Center in Hillsborough, N.J.

Why the change? Practices needed a way to tell MACs that their procedures started out as screening services but changed to diagnostic but didn’t want patients subjected to deductibles for these services. “The Affordable Care Act waives the Part B deductible for colorectal cancer screening tests that become diagnostic,” CMS noted in MLN Matters article MM7012, which announced the new modifier PT (

Avoid Reporting G Code With Modifier PT

Once the physician indicates that the screening procedure has turned diagnostic, you’ll bill only the diagnostic colonoscopy code, and not the screening code (G0104-G0106, G0120-G0121). Not only is this correct coding, but it’s also the only way you can use modifier PT.

The MLN Matters article notes that modifier PT should only be appended to a CPT code in the surgical range of 10000 to 69999. Therefore, you should not append modifier PT to a G code, says Brill, who represents the American Gastroenterological Association on the CPT Editorial Panel.

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Leesa A. Israel, CPC, CUC, CMBS specializes in medical coding and reimbursement for urology and general surgery, as well as billing and collections policies and strategies for physician practices. Leesa is currently an Executive Editor for The Coding Institute where she has written Urology Coding Alert for five years, as well as several other coding publications specialties such as neurosurgery, pulmonology, allergy, and ophthalmology. She holds a CPC certification from the AAPC as well as the urology specialty certification, CUC, and the billing certification, CMBS.

Handful of Info about the Baby Monitors

Handful of Info about the Baby Monitors

The safest and most ancient form of place for a baby is the lap of its mother. This is the most effective way to keep an eye on the infant so that it does not face any problem or danger while sleeping. But with the advancement of the world the lifestyle is changing. The changing lifestyle does not allow the parents to be always with their infants. So, to help the parents out the baby monitors are invented so that father and mother can keep an eye upon their sleeping infant while they are in the other part of the house. 


There are different types of baby monitors available in the market. They are:



Firstly, there are video baby monitors. They have two parts. You will have to keep one device n the infant’s room. The other one is a portable device that the parents or caregiver can carry with them.  This is one of the best way to keep an eye on your kid as you can see him or her all the time rather than depending upon your hearing.

Secondly, audio baby monitorslook like the walkie-talkies. They have two parts also. You should place one device in your infant’s room. The other device you will have to keep with you. There are two kinds of such machines. One is portable and the other one is static. You can attach the portable machine with your cloth. There are some of them that come with multiple receivers. So, you can place those receivers in different parts of your house. You need to check all the systems available before you buy them.


Thirdly, another kind of such devices is named Nanny Cams. There is no dearth of stories of the accidents with nannies. So, while the parents are out of their house leaving the kid with the nanny, this device can help them to trace the movement of both the nanny and the infant so that no accident can take place. So, you can ensure your kid’s safety while you are out of the home.  


Fourthly, there are other kinds of such devices named as Specialty Baby Monitors. You can use them to check your infant’s heart beat and his breathing rate. Usually such devices are used for the kids who have health problems and require special attention. They are available in the hospital from where you can lease them.  


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Teaching Your Diabetes Child to Understand the Significance of Self Blood Glucose Monitoring

Teaching Your Diabetes Child to Understand the Significance of Self Blood Glucose Monitoring
It is important to teach your diabetes child to understand the importance of self blood glucose monitoring. It also involves the understanding of how to use monitor themselves. Obviously a small finger prick for test is an easy process than giving an insulin injection. It is vital to teach them how to test their blood glucose, before teaching them to give themselves injections. In the early days of diagnosis, your child needs a frequent monitoring of blood glucose level, but after a week or two it is not necessary to check it after every hour or so. Keep a written record of results with time and date. It is important to monitor the blood glucose three or four time a day once in a week to have a good view of blood glucose level and to keep things under control. On a busy day it is worth to test the blood glucose at bedtime, if it is low, give your child a bedtime snack. Step by step instruction should be given to a child so that he learns them properly. Encourage and praise them to motivate. You have to keep patience as child may commit mistakes in start, don’t get furious, and repeat the instructions again and again without getting disturbed. Never show any signs or frustration or disturbance on getting the test results higher or lower. Remember, you have to teach your child to fight bravely against the disease, so you need to be firm and positive. Stay calm and handle the situations wisely, this will have a positive impact on your child regarding diabetes. It is important to teach your child the significance of its blood tests. Teach them and show them what the tests are all about positive or negative and how to control the situation from very beginning. This will raise awareness in the child regarding diabetes and a sense of responsibility to take one’s own care. The symptoms that trigger blood glucose level are almost same in both adults and children, such as irregularities in eating habits and physical activities, illness and stress etc. you need to look for the cause of high glucose level. Once you find it, use it as a learning experience for your child. Being a part of family, your other children who are elder should know how to test their brother or sister’s blood glucose. They should be responsible enough to take good care of their brother or sister in hard times. Testing for Ketones Ketones testing are rather an easy job. You just need to dip a test strip into urine to test for ketones. Ketones testing is usually done when the blood sugar level is much high or even there are any sign on illness. Keep testing until the child has recovered. Teach your children to urinate in plastic cup, so that it will become easy to dip test strip in urine. Ketoacisosis can be seriously harmful, so as soon as you find the test for ketones positive, immediately contact your doctor.

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Burn Your Body Fat In 2011

Burn Your Body Fat In 2011

I don’t know about you but I plan to stuff myself silly this Christmas. After all, that is precisely what it is all about right? You could be pondering, doesn’t she be worried about the weight she is going to put on with all the eating? Sure but I realize that I WILL get rid of it very quickly once I commence my New Year Calorie Burning program.

next year will be the start of my traditional weight-loss diet and routine. This is something which I’ve been doing fanatically the past three years. I’m not one for fad diet plans or quick weight loss programmes. Why? Well, they don’t work that is why! To lose the weight efficiently, you will need a routine. A routine that will fit simply with your busy life. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in commencing something that you cannot complete. I know that from direct experience believe me!

To shed weight successfully and for the long-term you need to consider what you will be doing. Which means planning! A great weight loss program should contain two things. A diet plan and a workout plan. Your diet should include lots of fruit as well as green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, plums, blueberries and proteins for instance poultry and oily fish. Preferably you should be consuming modest meals six times a day with each meal including a minumum of one portion of fresh fruit or veggies along with a potion of protein. Consuming 6 small dishes per day instead of the typical 3 ensures that your body is always full and never hungry. A full body doesn’t hunger for for naughty food items such as crisps and biscuits!

Working out should be carried out at very least 3 times every week. I generally go swimming for one hour 2 times a week as well as running once a week. The optimum time to undertake cardiovascular exercise is actually first thing on a morning preferably before you decide to consume breakfast. This enables your body to lose fat much quicker. Don’t forget to drink lots of water when you are exercising as you need to keep your body hydrated. Not drinking enough water when you are performing your cardio workouts may cause your body to dehydrate, not what you need when you are trying to become healthier. A person who does a normal quantity of cardio requires around 8 glasses of water each day so if you are exercising hard you will need significantly more than this. Keep in mind, coffee and tea are both diuretics so they are not included in your daily allowance.

My advice for next year is this, enjoy your Christmas and eat what you want. After all it only occurs once a year but don’t forget to have a good solid plan in place when Christmas is over. Get your daily diet and exercises plan down on paper then relax and enjoy the holiday seasons. When you’ve got a healthy body a healthy mind will surley follow. Don’t end up being disappointed with your physique any longer. You have the power to change your life. next year is definitely the year for you. Happy Christmas!

Take a look at my personal Fat Burning Furnace review. Fat Burning Furnace helps you shed pounds in a steady controlled way. Do not use any other fat reducing routine wth out checking out this brilliant proven program.

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Baby Heartbeat Monitors Reviewed

Baby Heartbeat Monitors Reviewed
Today, science and technology continues to develop smaller and cheaper electronic devices acquired, baby heart monitor for use at home is cheaper and easier than you think. The parents that want to listen to the developing fetus to the unborn baby, the baby’s heartbeat is used to monitor the peace of mind and valuable information that will actually prevent complications during pregnancy. The baby’s heart rate monitor is a tool with which to hear any irregularity in the development of the baby, so they can provide a good time. Heart rate monitors can be found in many manufactured by different companies, but that the desired outcome is essential that one choose the best baby heart beat monitor.

Choose the Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor

There are various forms of baby’s heart rate monitoring devices available in the market, each with different features and attachments. The options available vary considerably. Whether it’s a baby Doppler fetal heart monitor or an external electronic fetal baby monitor, fetal heart rate monitor or a cozy Bebe Sound Prenatal Listener baby heartbeat monitor, baby heartbeat monitor any number of unique characteristics, a model which stands out against competitors.

They advanced to the baby’s heartbeat monitors let you hear a little of the exact heart sounds of a woman inside the mother’s womb. The only sound monitor baby’s heart beat analysis of the aims of the fetus, and clinical medical applications, as well as home use by parents. Model also has some home video, so you can see the baby (though the image is created and can not be crystal ultrasound). The sex of an unborn child may be determined by prenatal baby video monitor.

Monitoring the heartbeat of the fetus at regular intervals is often recommended to those mothers who have a healthy pregnancy and easy. However, to those who develop certain complications such as pre-eclampsia, diabetes, any heart disease, vaginal or urinary tract infection, or waiting for twins are strictly advised that continuous electronic fetal monitoring to keep track of the serious problem of the child or the mother. Thus, the heart rate monitor is selected depends on many factors, and it is important that the unborn baby will be monitored according to the needs of the situation.

Compared to the cost of the Baby Heartbeat Monitors

Pricing for the baby’s heart rate monitor mainly depends on factors such as brand name, features, attachments, and quality. Sometimes the accuracy of a certain heart rate monitor can help determine the price.

Starting as low as $ 25 a Bebe Sounds Prenatal Listener, with prices going as high as $ 150 or $ 200 for Doppler ultrasound fetal monitor baby’s heartbeat. You can choose exactly which meets their budget and choose the features and quality that people can afford. However, the price can not be fixed in the baby’s health. This more than anything in the world – it’s priceless.

Play Mats Foam Play Mats Kids Play Mats

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Learn More About Medical Alert Systems

Learn More About Medical Alert Systems
This article is focused upon the huge numbers of people who seem to watched the particular ad on television as well as commit to memory the fishing line “I have fallen and require help”. Most people live daily from the misconception that each other person could get older but not us. We get married (live together) have young children, have got grandchildren after which it find our own selves defined as retirees.

As we have good health we in general don’t like to live in solitude. We now have lived the whole life as profitable participants of society. Through the help of social security and medicare insurance most need to live much less a weight to society or spouse and children but separately. From the past they have been successful in doing this.

Many of us live in an ever-changing personal and physical environment. Hospitals, rest homes, rehab hospitals and adult living services get started changing into the house out of the house. It suddenly dawns on us we must find a method to exist in a way that allows us to live self-sufficient productive lives yet remain linked to family members and professional medical products.

Cell phones are an effective way to keep up a correspondence | write | communicate | be in contact with relatives and buddies in the home and out. The only challenge the following is to carry and maintain the function of the phone. Not simply must battery be put charged but will need replacement annually to reassure capacity. Also phones break and need to be changed every couple of years. Do not save a dime and miss the call.

Medical alert systems are a great way of assuring a safe independent home environment. As part of their function they can be used as a note service. To have our pills or remind us we have an scheduled visit with a doctor or friends. They can also be used as a home security system for when there would be an intruder trying to break in to the house.

A third of people much older than sixty five fall on a yearly basis and is the number one cause of unintentional injury in the residence. The most usual place for falls is the bathroom. Two thirds visits to the emergency room are by older adults involved in falls and the number and severity increase with a person’s age. Will you be able to envision just how much peacefulness a medical alert system might allow?

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Medical Alert Commerical

Medical Alert commercial inspired by real life events.
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Xtrons new car monitors are worth the money

Xtrons new car monitors are worth the money

Car monitors are great electronics you can recommend to your friends or buy for entertaining your loved people, your kids, your sweetheart, your parents or your good companions. These DVD systems for cars are now priced to be accessible to just about anyone.


When driving a car, the front passenger might get a little bored but fortunately there is a solution that is readily available and that is with the use of in dash LCD screens. In dash car monitors offer in dash solutions that retract automatically by pressing the buttons. A dash mounted TV allows you to watch a movie while your car is parked. GPS navigation systems work perfect with in dash monitor. Some units offer the convenience of an integrated DVD player and have MP3 capabilities.


Even few new models support 3G&Wi-Fi and Word, Excel and PDF browsing. That’s very useful and practical. Xtrons TD695GD owns all the functions which can meet all your needs. It may perfectly fit to all your purposes not only business vehicles but also personal cars & leisure. At any extreme road situation you will encounter, it will make you highly satisfied with more clear and accurate image than the analogue you’ve never experienced before in a great vibration. The video screen may also show video output of an integrated component such as cell phone, iPod, or parking cameras that could be automatically activated when the car is put into reverse.


In-dash ones typically have more features and accessories but usually cost more depending on the brand you choose. Some manufacturers actually have this available as an option but the driver will need to be especially careful when driving and not to get distracted for obvious reasons. If you are the type to get lost a lot, then getting one of these car monitors that have GPS capability is a must.


For the passenger in the front you can also put in a sun visor monitor, and for the back there are headrest car monitors or flip down car monitors for bigger vehicles.


So how do you determine which one to choose? Well, this will ultimately depend on what your needs are so it is important that you first consider that before making the purchase. You might think some of these car video monitors are expensive but they are actually more affordable than you think as you can find some great deals by shopping at online retail stores.


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A Guide to Buying Baby Monitors

A Guide to Buying Baby Monitors

With the advancement in technology, baby monitors have become one of the few devices considered most practical for parents. Though they are essentially not obligations, rather handy solutions, many parents prefer to have them installed to keep a constant eye on their infants. While these monitors come in a plethora of designs and utilities, it is entirely up to you to choose the best device for you and your baby that suits your budget and covers your needs.


A baby monitor can be found in any local baby store, as well as on the online stores. If you’re buying first hand from the local store, make sure to check out all the specifications and facilities that come with it. When buying online, try to find out reviews and user recommendations on the internet by consumers who previously used your intended product. Also, clearly inquire about whether or not the product can be returned if you feel as if it were not what you expected.


Also, before purchasing baby monitors do make sure to figure out what exactly you need the device for. If you are a concerned parent wishing to keep an ear open for your infant’s cries and shrieking while not being in close proximity, an Audio-only device would suffice your need. It’ll transmit audio feeds from your baby’s crib and alert you whenever something goes wrong.

On the contrary, an Audio-Video equipped baby monitor can transmit both audio and video feeds from your baby’s nursery, and is much more suited for more concerned parents. They are generally connected to a TV monitor that enables parents to keep their baby under watch 24/7. However, besides being a bit complicated, they tend to be more expensive, and unless you feel them absolutely necessary, try not to pick them.


One major aspect of baby monitors is portability of the receiver. With a baby in the house, you still have to do the laundry, cook, buy grocery and do other stuff. Whatever you do, a portable receiving device will always keep you in touch with your baby while being on the move. While keeping that in mind, try to avoid over-doing for your baby care devices. Fancy expensive devices, multi monitor digital feedback, sensitive motion sensors – try not to lose yourself in them and pick the device you thing will suit your needs for baby care the most.

Which kind of car monitors do you need?

Which kind of car monitors do you need?

With the improvement of the living standard, cars have been widely used in our daily life, and car monitors have become an important part of the vehicles.

On the market, there are several types of car monitors available with different features designed for consumers who have various needs, such as overhead monitors, flip down monitors, in-dash monitors, headrest monitors, sun visor monitors, and mirror monitors. To decide which kind of car monitors to buy, you should know some features of each type in advance.

In terms of an overhead car monitor, we can know its location of installation easily according to its name. It can be attached to the ceiling of the car. Since an overhead monitor needs lots of headroom for its installation, it’s often attached in larger vehicles like minivans. The size of a typical overhead monitor can be 7 to 10 inches, and some can be as large as 20 inches.

A flip down monitor is used to flip down for watching. It can be flipped up to make more overhead space for the vehicle when it is not being used. Such monitor can serve for the back seat passengers, which also makes the screen popular among car owners. A flip down monitor is in the same size as an overhead monitor.

An in-dash monitor serves for providing video entertainment for the front seat passenger. In general, the monitor is built in a larger unit which consists of a TV tuner and receiver. You can watch videos, read information and operate other units in the car through the screen. Besides, the monitor will flip back down to save the front seat space when not being viewed.

Compared with an overhead monitor, a headrest monitor can save much more headroom. You can replace the original headrest in your new car with a headrest replacement monitor, as well as the other way round when you sell your old vehicle. A headrest monitor can be installed in the back of the vehicle’s headrest or into the headrest with the help of a mounting bracket and mounting kit. So the passengers can view the video from the back seat. This is very helpful for a family on a trip with young children, since the children can be easily attracted by the in car entertainment, which keeps them from disturbing the driver in the front seat.

A sun visor car monitor is mounted into the car’s sun visor. Similarly, you can replace the original sun visor with a sun visor monitor for enjoyful entertainment. There are a variety of colors and textures among the sun visor monitors designed to match various vehicles.

A mirror car monitor is the smallest type of monitors mounted in the vehicle. It is a LCD display able to fit over the existing rear view mirror in the car. The monitor can be also used for rear view camera.

Today car monitors play a more and more significant role in the vehicles, especially for a long journey. Most car monitors are able to be connected with a GPS system to display navigational information. They serve for not only in car entertainment but also practical use. It is a wise option to install a suitable car monitor for your vehicle.

Have you got any idea on the selection of car monitors?


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How to Measure Body Fat

How to Measure Body Fat

When everything down to lose or gain weight, most people turn to the scales to determine whether they should lose or gain to have the weight or shape desire. However, health experts said weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle. Being over fat and overweight, is not the same. Overweight means simply an excess of total body weight based on the average population for the heights and body frame sizes. On the other hand, obesity is defined as excess body fat, regardless of weight. What should consider, say scientists, to determine our fitness, is to know your body fat.

People are biochemical individuals and react differently to food? This is why one diet may work for your friend but you do not. You should determine what the best combination of foods for body. Every your body is unique. Every body needs and processes different foods at different levels of performance. The key to successful weight release is based on finding what food plan is right for their unique body, food and what your body responds positively to keep you at a healthy weight without dieting and without constant pain and feeling deprived.

People who diet without exercising often get fatter with time. Although your weight may initially reduce dieting, such weight loss consists mostly of water and muscle. When the weight returns, returns as fat. To avoid thicker over time, increase your metabolism to exercise regularly. Walking is one of the best exercises for strengthening bones, controlling weight, toning the leg muscles, maintaining good posture and improving positive self-concept. To lose weight, it is important to walk for time than speed. Walking longer workouts at moderate rates of producers with less soreness – main part more miles and more fat worked off on a regular basis. High intensity walks on alternate days to help set up a system. But in a walking, weight-loss program, not to walk an hour every day as some people would have you believe.

Remember that body fat is a percentage of your total weight, so even slender people can have high levels of hazardous fat.

Here body is three ways to measure body fat you:

1. Home Body Fat Scales – Body fat scales claim to measure body fat quickly and easily. These body fat scales use the Bioelectrical Impedance method to measure your body giant tweezers. These are used to keep your skin folds at different points in your body and measure the thickness. The measurements are compared with standard values for persons of age and gender you to give you your estimated body fat.

2. Hydrostatic Weighing – This is just a fancy term for underwater weighing. Sitting on a scale inside a tank and blow out as much air as you can. You are dunked underwater, where blow-out even more air. Since fat is lighter than water, the more fat you have, the more you will float. The scale measures underwater weight to figure out body density. The margin of error is about 2-3%, but the accuracy depends on the amount of air removed. We can blow it all out or not be as accurate. This is a difficult way to measure body fat, because it can be uncomfortable and even scary to be dunked underwater not air the old lungs.

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