Risks of High Blood Pressure

Risks of High Blood Pressure

Everyone who has ever been to the doctor has had their blood pressure (BP) checked. Without this you wouldn’t be able to live. The blood could not circulate though out the body and carry oxygen to your vital organs. One in every five Americans has hypertension!

You can live for many years with high blood pressure without seeing or feeling any symptoms. This is why hypertension is often nick named, “the silent killer.” Even though you are not showing any signs the disease, it is still affecting your bodily functions.

Your BP is very easy to check. A cuff is wrapped around your arm and then the cuff is pumped full of air, the air is then let out slowly and your blood then slowly can return to the artery. The nurse will count the time between the beats and how many beats in a certain amount of time. An average blood pressure is 120 over 80.

The force when your artery beats against your blood vessel walls and when your artery is at rest is your blood pressure. A high force is also known as hypertension is about 140 over 90. A low rate is considered at 90 over 60. This is when symptoms start to occur.

Understanding your blood pressure is important because there are many risks with both high and low blood pressures. With high hypertension you have a greater risk of coronary heart disease/, heart attack, and strokes and anyone can have it. It is most common to have a higher BP once you reach the age of 35, but it is not uncommon for children to have it as well.

People that are most common to have high blood pressure are middle aged to elderly. Also smokers and drinkers are proven to have elevated levels. Women who take birth control often are at risk as well. People with kidney disease, mellitus, or gout may have high hypertension as well.

Your blood pressure can change at any time. It is affected by many things from activity to stress. Other things that can affect it are diet, temperature, posture, and medications. Knowing if you already have hypertension is important, due to the fact that you may want to limit your physical activity, or watch what medications you are taking.

Your blood pressure can affect your body in many ways. Having hypertension adds a workload onto you heart. In return your heart has to pump and work much harder to carry the blood through arteries that are under great pressure. Other areas of your body may be affected as well, such as you kidney, eyes, and brain.

Hypertension can be life long, or temporary. Keeping in under control and treating it is the most important thing you can do. Starting a treatment program with your doctor is important in overcoming this disease, or keeping it under control.

Before trying pills with risky side effects try a supplement called Hypertil by Hamida Pharma that promotes oxygen in the blood and controls high blood pressure.

Remove Body Fat Fast!

Remove Body Fat Fast!

If you want to learn how to remove body fat without any big changes in your lifestyle, this article is for you. Weight loss isn’t that hard once you learn some basic principles. And one of those principles is to hold off on that 8th slice of pizza.

In this short little article, I’ll show you not just one, but two easy ways of getting rid of lard fast.

Keep reading if you’re tired of looking like a bowl of lumpy mashed potatoes.

Quickly Remove Body Fat

Walk On an Incline

You can do this by using stairs, hills, or a treadmill. This is one of the easiest and best ways to drop weight. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets results.

Now, if you say you already walk on flat surfaces, my question to you is why are you still fat? Because walking on flat surfaces doesn’t present a challenge and does next to nothing for losing weight.

Just step things up a notch and start walking on an incline. Shoot for at least 15-30 minutes of doing this with no breaks. And if you have stairs at home, all you have to do is walk up and down them for a minimum of 10 minutes per day.

You should do this 5 days a week.

Quit drinking coffee and sodas

Maybe you already know these beverages are bad for you, but you just can’t help yourself.

Oh, and diet sodas are included in this list, too. Kick those to the curb. Aspartame in diet sodas is an unnatural and unhealthy sugar substitute that actually makes you crave junk foods.

Here’s how to get rid of all these beverages. Add a couple packets of Stevia to the water you drink. Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. I used to love Coke and Mountain Dew. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. I tried adding Stevia to the water I drank and within 3 days I no longer craved those drinks. The urge was gone. Stevia satisfies my cravings for sweet tastes. And it’s healthy.

To get rid of coffee, you can try adding a caffeine pill to your Stevia water. You’ll eliminate thousand of calories each and every month.

These two tips are easy ways to remove body fat.

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Tool Storage – Tool Boxes And Service Carts

Tool Storage – Tool Boxes And Service Carts
A handyman without tools is like a doctor without a stethoscope. To succeed and sustain well in this industry it is essential to make wise investments. Professionals working in construction, maintenance and repair, etc. spare no expense and select their tools with utmost care. Once these tools are purchased, equally important is investing in their proper care and storage. The most common tool storage units are toolboxes, portable tool cases and service carts. Each of these storage systems are useful to fulfill specific needs.
Toolboxes are the most prolific of tool storage mechanisms. They come in various forms, shapes, sizes and materials. Earlier the most common material used for building toolboxes was wood but the trend over the last few decades has moved to metal and plastic. Although the specifics of each toolbox vary in design depending on the craftsman, there are always a few common elements across toolboxes. Generally, they have a hinged cover for a top with a handle for carrying, and one or more latches securing the cover to the box. Smaller open sections are usually located inside the box for effective compartmentalization in storage. Larger toolboxes often have a detachable tray sitting on an extension inside the box, with a larger slot below.
Tool cases are generally used when smaller tools are to be carried around. For instance a tool case with just a few essential diagnostic tools would be ideal for an electric or plumbing repairman on a house call. This form of tool storage is also used by laymen as they usually store only smaller tools that are easier to use. Each tool case might again vary in design form others but are generally made from durable pliant plastic or Rexene casing and have loops and fasteners inside shaped specifically for each tool. The material used for fashioning these tool cases must necessarily be tough and resistant to scratches.
In automotive shops, repair houses or garages, when numerous heavy and light tools have to be stored and readily accessible service carts are an ideal solution. These are large metal carts with wheels for easy portability. They have an open upper face for placing frequently used tools. The rest of the service cart may be divided into several open sections or multiple drawers for compartmentalization. Service carts are extremely durable and convenient for heavy use.
In this way, todays user can choose from a plethora of tool storage containers to suit his specific requirement.

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Sorry Uploaded this again because the old one had glitches!) Hey guys! This is a quick video on how to use your stethoscope to auscultate heart, lung and bo…

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An Overview Of Baby Monitors

An Overview Of Baby Monitors

One of the favorite things for parents to do is watching their beautiful baby as he or she is peacefully sleeping. Parents do this partly to make sure they are seeing the gentle rise and fall of their chest that indicates everything is okay. It’s natural for parents to worry about their babies. After putting a baby in his or her bed for a nap or for the evening, parents often come back to check, double-check, and then check on the baby again to make sure everything is okay and for their peace of mind. But, with the many high quality baby monitors available, parents now can have a set of ears in their baby’s room the entire time their baby is asleep which brings extra peace of mind and comfort to busy parents.

A baby monitor is actually a radio transmitter that allows you to listen in on your little one at all times of the day and night. Monitors are compact, two-part gadgets. There is a transmitter that is placed near the sleeping baby (but well out of reach of the baby) and a receiver that the parents keep near them. The receiver will amplify any noise your baby makes.

Reception-range and designs vary. Some allow you to speak softly to your baby through an intercom; others have built in cameras so you can not only hear your baby but see him or her as well. Some monitors show sounds via a light display so you can monitor your baby even when the volume is turned off. In addition, some models have an optional sensor pad that monitors your baby’s breathing, and sounds an alarm if no movement is detected.

Baby monitors are very useful. Anytime your baby gets up from sleep, whether it is because he or she is hungry, need to be changed, or is just ready for comfort and interaction from you, a baby monitor lets you know instantly that your baby is starting to wake up or is awake. The biggest advantage of a baby monitor is that it offers parents an added element of safety and security. Parents can cook a meal, do laundry, or any of the 1,001 things that need to be done at home without having to worry about their baby. They can even step outside on to the patio to take in some sunshine and take a break without having to worry about whether or not they’ll hear their baby when he or she wakes up. When your baby is peacefully asleep, you know he or she is totally safe because your baby monitor will alert you the moment your little one needs you. According to one Mom in San Francisco,” My listening unit is the most important device at home. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

Even though baby monitors are wonderful devices and seem indispensable, they have their shortcomings. Interference from cordless phones and concrete walls sometimes sets off a false alarm, which means that you may be hearing things that are not there. Some monitors pick up transmissions from other baby monitors that are nearby and give you a minor heart attack while you rush to your baby’s side.

Important features to look for in a baby monitor:

- Compactness: A compact model is lightweight and easy to carry around.

- Sound-activated light: Sometimes, other children may accidentally turn the volume off. Alternatively, if you are watching TV or talking on the phone you may miss your baby’s cries if this feature is not present.

- Low-battery warning: If your batteries are low on life, you may not hear your baby.

- Right bandwidth: Some high-end models offer a wide bandwidth for better clarity.

- Video display – this is a great feature although it’s not necessary and adds to the cost of the baby monitor.  But it’s great to be able to see an image of your baby along with being able to hear him or her.

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How to Lower High Blood Pressure

How to Lower High Blood Pressure

Caused by the pressure of blood in your arteries being excessive, high blood pressure can affect anyone. Having a one off reading does not mean you are suffering from the condition. However, if you continue to experience high readings, there are some simple steps you can take to lower high blood pressure.

There are some groups more susceptible to suffering high blood pressure.

If you smoke regularly, try to cut down. This obviously is not easy, so try and seek some help from friends, family or your physician. Cutting out just one or two cigarettes a day will have some effect, but of course, the less the better.

If you struggle with weight issues, again turn to your doctor for help. They will be able to guide you to a healthy, sustainable program of healthy eating and exercise. Even losing a small amount of weight can reduce symptoms dramatically.

Stress can also be a major factor in developing high blood pressure. If you are in a stressful career, see if you can get some help with your workload from your employer, or take a break from the office to recharge your batteries.

Even if you are not in a high risk group, adhering to the above suggestions are wise to help combat high blood pressure.

Try to maintain a healthy diet. High amounts of fish, vegetables and fruit, whilst keeping ready meals and processed foods to a minimum will be beneficial.

You should also try to cut down on your alcohol intake. A natural blood pressure accelerant, daily alcohol consumption will trigger any symptoms and exacerbate any existing condition.

Finally, regular exercise is invaluable. No one expects you to spend hours in the gym, but a brisk walk each day, or any activity that gets you slightly out of breath after twenty minutes will be suffice to lower blood pressure levels considerably.

Get more help to lower high blood pressure naturally and without drugs. Check this blood pressure normalized review.

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A Simple Impression of Baby Monitors

A Simple Impression of Baby Monitors

The good device baby monitor will pick up sound and video signals in one room and transmit them to a receiver in another room. It works in a special way to make the baby not feel the existence of it. There are a large number of different types of baby monitors with different range of prices.

The devices consist of a monitor and one or more receivers. Some of the monitors are with the video screen. With them you can see your baby all the time. Some of the monitors are with motion sensors placed under the crib sheet. With an alarm, if the baby goes more than 20 seconds without moving at all, the alarm will give you the information. The sensor is designed to detect the slightest movement, so you can hear the breathing of the baby.

The monitors often have the battery backup for you to carry it from one place to another. During the night, if it has no power, you do not need to worry it affects your normal using. There are some of the baby monitors having two or more receivers for people, with it, you can get the information in multiple rooms and more people can use it at the same time. The range on a baby monitor varies, and you can carry the signal anywhere nearby.

The baby monitors can help the people hear and see what are happening in the different rooms. It can be used when your kids are sleeping or playing in the rooms. These devices can help you check the current status of you children; you can check them at any time if you want. The devices allow the guardian to sleep in a separate room near the baby. With them, parents can clean the house or do their own work while the baby is sleeping. In one word, the device can benefit both the young babies and their parents as the good products with the wonderful performance.

When we are using baby monitors, there is something we should go to take care. We should keep the base of the monitor plugged in behind a dresser or other piece of furniture, because it is high enough that it cannot be reached and pulled down as we know both plugs and loose cords are a serious safety hazard for small children. And we also should promise they cannot get the receiving end.


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Buy Cheap Baby Monitors

Buy Cheap Baby Monitors

Practical parents are thinking of ways to stretch their belts and this includes looking for cheap baby monitors.

But of course, it maybe cheap but they make sure that the monitors they get still have good quality and can provide them with the services that they are looking for and are expecting from baby monitors.

Interestingly enough, there are many that can be bought for less than a hundred dollars. Now that is already a good deal considering the models at these price already have the digital audio clarity which most parents are looking for.

This range of frequency can already set the gurgle and the whimper apart from each other. The frequency also guarantees a private and clear connection and there is no interference.

The features of these monitors are still apparent and these are the very reasons why parents opt for these kinds of monitors. They know that they can save money and at the same time they still get something good from the deal.

It also come with sound sensitive light bars that are ascending. This is to notify the parents when the batteries have to be recharged.

Then there is the long range quality pager buttons that are general features on most monitors which also comes in cheap baby monitors. This makes it easy for the parents to find the unit just in case this has been misplaced.

Cheap baby monitors also assure the users that they can stay connected with other parental units. It depends on the model. There are models that come with a two way radio along with the monitors.

The two way radio serve as a mode of communication between the parents and both can check on the baby by clicking on the buttons from their remotes.

There are cheap baby monitors that allow the parents to instill it in four channels. They can check four rooms and monitor the child wherever he or she is in.

The good thing about cheap baby monitors is that it keeps the parents connected to their children. The portability of these gadgets makes it very convenient for them to just be on the go.

Then it is wise to just opt for rechargeable batteries because these can save them the money and that is the main point of looking for cheap baby monitors in the first place.

Nonetheless, parents who are stretching their wallets are suggested to make sure that the cheap baby monitors they buy can give them what they need.

If these monitors meet the demands then these monitors are worth investing on.

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Life Habits that can Make Your Heart Healthy

Life Habits that can Make Your Heart Healthy

Among the major reasons why the number patients suffering from heart disease continues to increase is because of poor lifestyle. When we speak of poor lifestyle, this included all unhealthy vices and habits of a person. This includes smoking, alcohol dependence, poor diet, and lack of exercise. And do you know that if you are one of those who have poor lifestyle, you are three times likely to die from cardiovascular disease? Yes, that’s true! According to World Health Organization, heart-related disorders are still the leading cause of death in the world.

However, there’s good news. The aforementioned risk factors for heart or cardiovascular disease are all controllable hence; you can still make a big difference to prolong your life span.

Here are some of the habits that can make your heart healthy and lets you live longer.

Stay away from tobacco – Smoking, aside from being the leading cause of lung cancer, is also the leading preventable cause of heart disease and heart attack. Based on surveys conducted by the researchers of American Heart Association, if you are a smoker you are 2-4 times more likely to experience problems in your heart compared to those who do not smoke. While if you are non-smoker, healthcare professionals (who come wearing a lab coat and carrying Littmann cardiology stethoscope) would still advise them to stay away from tobacco smoke as exposure to secondhand smoke increases your risk for heart disease. Wondering how smoking is linked to heart disease? Well, it damages the arteries walls, constricts blood vessels, and lowers HDL (also known as the good cholesterol levels.

Watch out your diet – Poor eating habit brings significant effect to your overall health. Diet that is high in unsaturated fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol should be avoided. If you are used to this kind of diet, the blood vessels might be clogged due to a plaque buildup of bad cholesterol and fat. When the blood vessels become clogged, there will be an increased pressure inside the arteries, capillaries, and veins. And because of this, the heart will be required to work harder in order to pump enough blood to the vital organs. Once the heart is overworked, its muscle mass grows bigger in order to compensate the extra workload. An enlarged heart eventually won’t function as the normal heart and the extra muscle mass will only add stress or cause abnormalities in the entire cardiovascular system.

Be physically active – The blood pressure of people with sedentary lifestyle when measured using a durable blood pressure device is expected to be higher than the normal BP reading, which is 120/80mmHg. And the common reason for having a higher blood pressure is the corrosive effects fats and cholesterol deposits that block walls of arteries. So if you are one of the couch potatoes out there, medical specialists who are expected to use the littmann cardiology stethoscope will for sure suggest you to become physically active. These healthcare experts believed that when you increase your activity level, you are stimulating the nitric oxide in your body. The nitric oxide is the substance that helps the blood vessels open or unblock so chances of hypertension will be prevented. There are so many easy exercises you can do and guaranteed to be effective in improving your cardio intensity. To name some of the easy to do exercises, you have swimming, swimming, step aerobics, jumping rope, and even brisk walking.

Limit your alcohol consumption – One glass (or less) of your favorite champagne or even red wine every day is beneficial to your heart. That certain amount of alcohol can make the said cardiovascular organ stronger at the same time boost your memory. However, drinking more than the recommended daily serving could put your health at risks. Among the common heart-related conditions you might experience because of alcohol abuse are hypertension (high blood pressure), alcoholic cardiomyopathy (disease of heart muscle), congestive heart failure (enlarged and weakened heart), myocardial infarction (heart attack), etc.

Visit your physician regularly – One of the most effective ways to prevent any complications in your health is to regularly visit a physician. Medical doctors, particularly the cardiologists, are not only equipped with durable littmann cardiology stethoscope and blood pressure device but also a variety of high-end medical instruments that will let them monitor your heart carefully and precisely. And based from result of your examination, conditions that might need further testing or exploration can be taken immediately before the worse thing happens.

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It’s a Must to Monitor Your Blood Glucose When You Have Diabetes

It’s a Must to Monitor Your Blood Glucose When You Have Diabetes

If your blood sugar levels are higher than they should be you are not alone.  Despite the known benefits, there are many reasons why people with diabetes may not achieve ideal blood glucose control.  Apart from the challenges of juggling medication with diet and finding time to exercise regularly, there are issues like stress, depression, pain and poor mobility, illness and the quality of the food you consume.

There are also many diabetics who don’t know the levels they should be aiming for, or maybe they don’t use a home monitor.

1.  Monitoring your blood sugars is a must.  Nothing has improved the life of  a diabetic as much as their ability to measure their own levels with just a drop of blood.  Once the only way was to test urine for glucose, this could tell you if the level was high but not if it was low.  Therefore it was not an effective way to control their levels.

2.  How often should you test?  This is determined by the kind of diabetes you have, the type of treatment you are using and the level of stability of your blood sugars.

if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and are using insulin, you need to test before each meal and at bedtime.  You do this to gain information you may need to adjust your medication dose.  Keep a record of your results with the date and time as this will guide you and your health care provider when making any adjustments.  Many test after meals also.
if you have type 2 and are controlled by tablets, diet and exercise, it is not unusual to just test twice a day, before breakfast and dinner
the home monitor is also useful to test your levels after you eat something not normally part of your diet and you want to check its effect
if you are about to exercise, a blood test can tell you whether you need to eat before starting to exercise, or whether the exercise will bring your levels down 
if your glucose levels have been unstable and you are about to drive, it is a good idea do a blood test before getting into the car to make sure you are not on the verge of becoming hypoglycemic

3.  Determine your blood glucose goal.  The best way to work out this goal is in consultation with your health care provider or diabetes care team.

I would like to invite you to learn more about ‘How to Heal Type 2 Diabetes’?

Blood Pressure Monitors At Home

Blood Pressure Monitors At Home

If you do decide to check your blood pressure at your place, you will need to get blood pressure monitors from QS health. There are many different types of blood pressure monitor. Having your blood pressure checked is an important part of a regular health. There is a wide range of blood pressure monitor machines available. What is blood pressure? High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Do you need to monitor blood pressure at home? This is really the first question that you need to ask yourself. There are various reasons why you might want to monitor your blood pressure at home.

Before having your blood pressure taken, you should rest for at least five minutes and empty your bladder. Blood pressure is displayed on a circular dial with a needle. Do not smoke, drink caffeine-containing beverages, or exercise within the 30 minutes before measuring Blood pressure. It is advisable to take the readings at the same time each day.

There are three types: automatic arm, automatic wrist and manual arm. Automatic models inflate the cuff automatically, whereas manual models require you to inflate it yourself by pumping a bulb.  Need a quality, reliable blood pressure monitors? We are welcome you to choose automatic digital blood pressure monitor wrist type and/or  upper arm type. You can buy a variety of testing kits so you can monitor your blood pressure while you’re out and about.  Here you can find high-quality Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors in a competitive price

QS Health offers a highly accurate automatic wrist-type blood pressure monitor. Your heart is your most important organ, and it’s a good idea to know how well it’s doing. With the Home Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, you… The Wrist Digital Testing Blood Pressure Monitor can be conveniently used at home. It is a good tool to keep in touch with your health. Super easy. Arm-Type Blood Pressure Monitors makes it easy to take a quick and clinically accurate blood pressure reading anywhere & anytime. Just one touch of the On/Off Start button, the blood pressure monitors auto inflates for quick, easy measurements. In seconds, your Automatic digital blood pressure monitor upper arm and pulse are displayed on the large digital panel. This Automatic Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor can be conveniently used at home. It’s a good tool to keep in touch with your health. Automatic monitors have everything contained in one unit, so they’re easier to handle than systems with a separate gauge and stethoscope.

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