Ousting of Jaswant Singh from BJP

Ousting of Jaswant Singh from BJP

Ousting of Jaswant Singh from BJP

It is an internal affair of BJP to keep Jaswant in the party or oust him, but when we take up the grounds on which Mr. Jaswant has been ousted, we are constrained to take up the cause on the basis of which the party has ousted him.  Even a man like L.K.Advani has commented that ouster of Jaswant was most necessary.

  We have been told that Mr. Jaswant has written a book in which he has declared that Mr. Jinnah the founder of Pakistan was a secular man.  Mr. Jaswant has expressed his thoughts what he has felt and what had been his experience and no party, no state and no individual has got a right to say that the thought expressed by an individual are so dangerous that he should be expelled from the party, from the country or from a social unit.  We shall have to go back in 1947 and then if we conduct a thorough investigation we shall find that not only Mr. Jinnah was responsible for the creation of Pakistan, but some Hindu Leaders were also responsible and their wrong decision had taken lives of about eight lac people and at least eleven crores people had been forced to migrate to unknown places and all those cursed the leaders and actually the whole of India and Pakistan had been cursed because these two countries had been established on dead bodies and that is the reason both these countries could not remain in peace since partition and that is the reason there had been direct and indirect wars and at least five lac people might have been killed even after partition.

As far as Mr. Jinnah was concerned, he had got no faith in Hindu leaders of that time and even in Mahatma Gandhi and therefore, he desired that he should be made the first PM of India.  But people like Jawahar Lal Nehru were not in a mood to raise this ordinary person to the position of PM and this led to creation of Pakistan.  Had Hindu leaders agreed to the proposal and desire of Jinnah, the situations would have been otherwise and this small mistake cause deaths of lakhs of people and migrations at such a large scale which this earth witnessed for the first time in whole of history known update.  We have been told that in the first speech delivered in the National Assembly, Pakistan, Jinnah had made it clear that Pakistan shall be a secular state and it is on record that thousands of Hindus and Sikhs had been retained in Pakistan and it is also on record that there had been no terrorism from these groups nor there had been riots from the bigger groups and there had been no innocent killings on this account, when we, the people of India have witnessed terrorism and riots and we count with right figures, the figures shall not be less than five lac people who had been innocent but have been killed either by the terrorists or by the rioters.

  BJP should have taken up all these aspects and only then they should have ousted Jaswant Singh who expressed his views in a right manner.  Therefore, the party must take up the case once again and they must consider the situations available in 1947 and arole of Jinnah and also they should take up the case of Hindus and Sikhs who had been retained in Pakistan.  They should also take up the matter as to who was responsible for the bifurcation of Hindustan and then for all these troubles which the people had been facing since then.  I think the position shall be clear and remarks and findings of Jaswant Singh shall not be wrong altogether.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

  101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala-Punjab-147003


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Ways To Lose Body Fat

Ways To Lose Body Fat

Understanding ways to lose body fat is a very tough task for a great deal of individuals. Folks who belong to the endomorph kind will learn that it is difficult to remove excess body fat simply because they are the ones who accumulate body fat faster than folks who belong within the other body types. Putting more insult to injury, the society and also the media keep on advertising lean and gorgeous models, which tends to create the fight against excess body fat even much more challenging. The good news is, things aren’t as hopeless as they definitely seem. You aren’t alone in this struggle and also the fact that you will discover proven techniques on how to lose body fat should make your day a little brighter.

In some cases, it takes a great deal of willpower to really opt not to be fat anymore. But as soon as a choice is made, it would be either you maintain that urge to change or you go back to the old methods. Occasionally, keeping the fire burning may be the greater struggle than the original dilemma. But you will see some persons who only need to bring about a choice so that you can make their goals arrive true. As soon as they choose on some thing, there’s no stopping them from reaching their objective and they instantly produce a strategy of action to comprehend how to lose body fat the faster and safer way.

Ways to lose body fat? Very first and foremost, adapt a healthy diet.

It is indeed about time to clean up your food shelves and throw away whatever it’s in there which will just make you body fat. Choose to let go of those unhealthy cravings by really throwing out the foods which will just maintain keep you from reaching your objective. Foods which are higher in fat, sugar, and simple carbohydrates should go.

As soon as you’re cleaning your cupboard, put in some nice organic and fiber-rich foods like brown rice, whole grains, and loads of fruits and veggies. Make sure to incorporate protein-rich foods as well as white meat, beans, and nuts. You are able to surely cook up a meal plan that will ensure that you are receiving the adequate amount of nutrients that your entire body wants for it to become functioning well. Studying how to lose body fat via correct diet strategy is like the most beneficial education you can share with yourself.

Make sure to improve fluid intake. Water is recognized to get rid of unwanted toxins and body fat deposits within the entire body so drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday, together with your high-fiber diet plan will assist you shed your body fat quickly.

Best methods to lose body fat? Get into effective entire body fitness routines.

Get into a workout regimen that fits your fitness requirement. Select a fitness regimen which will your various muscle groups at the same time. An effective entire body fitness regimen is needed for this type of endeavor simply because you’re trying to decrease your excess body fat. Adapt a plan that works for the type of body that you have. Ask a fitness instructor for some great advice and you may come up with something which you will do even at the comfort of your own house.

A great start is to take part in cardiovascular activities, such as aerobics or dance classes. Some folks get very easily bored especially when they are required to deal with keeping track of reps and finishing off sets. It is because of this that most individuals dislike fitness workouts. But cardio exercises are not like that. Dance and aerobic classes are pretty exciting for the reason that they are naturally more of a social event instead of a solo affair. Moreover, there’s some dance music to set you into the groove. If it is indeed hard for you to do physical exercise alone, then this might be the best option to take in order for that body to get working.

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How To Lose Belly Fat

Living With High Blood Pressure

Living With High Blood Pressure

There are several different changes that your body goes through as it ages and for the most part you notice these changes even when others cannot. No one knows your body like you do. But there are some changes that happen to the body that are silent and you don’t even realize that it is happening until it develops into a condition or disease. One such condition is high blood pressure.

There are several factors that can attribute to the development of high blood pressure. They include a family history, over weight, age, stress, alcohol, tobacco use, and of course not eating the right foods. The chances of developing high blood pressure increases the more causes are a part of your daily life. But what is great about most of the above is the fact that you can decrease your chances by making a few simple changes in your life. If you already have high blood pressure it’s not too late to make these changes in order to get it under control.

Because high blood pressure should never go left untreated it is vital to recognize the signs and symptoms so you can report to the doctor if you feel as though your blood pressure might be elevated. For most people you don’t know when your blood pressure rises so it’s best to check it routinely and always report simple signs and symptoms which can indicate that something may be wrong.

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure there are several ways that you can learn to live with it.

Eat sensible: It’s important to eat a well balanced meal for several reasons including to lower your blood pressure. Your doctor can give you a diet to follow according to what they recommend. This may include decrease total fat and saturated fat, increasing the number of servings of fruit, whole grains and vegetables. It’s also a good time to decrease the amount of salt that you add to your food. At first it may be hard to adjust to the taste so it may be best to decrease it a little everyday or you can use different seasonings and spices. Now is the time to try that new recipe you have been putting off.

Exercise or walk on a regular basis. This is important and will help you keep the extra weight off and keep you active.

Don’t use tobacco and decrease your alcohol intake.

Decrease and learn to manage your stress. Even though you can’t avoid stress altogether how you handle your stress is a key factor in how your body reacts to it. Talk to your doctor, join a group, make time for yourself, or keep a journal to help you learn how to decrease your stress.

Living with high blood pressure can be easier if you know your body and you understand what may be causing it. Always keep your doctor appointments to have it checked regularly. You can also purchase a kit to check your own pressure at home. Check it regularly and document your results show you can show your doctor at your next appointment.

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High Blood Pressure Risks

High Blood Pressure Risks

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common problem and affects about one of every three people in the United States. The causes for this health problem are not totally known, but research is ongoing. There are a number of risks, but in many cases the risk factors that can cause serious health difficulties can be lowered by certain lifestyle changes. Although some of the factors are purely genetic, others are very much affected by lifestyle decisions. The health risks of high blood pressure are dangerous and everyone should be aware of these factors.

Hypertension, sometimes called the ‘silent killer’ often has no outward symptoms until a major problem, such as a heart attack, brings it to light. Approximately 50,000 Americans die each year directly from it and the deaths of another 300,000 are contributed by high blood pressure. Healthy blood vessels expand and contract to manage the force exerted against the blood vessel walls as the heart pumps. The measurement of the force of the blood as the vessel walls expand and contract is called blood pressure. High pressure occurs when the vessels harden or become stiff and are no longer able to contract and expand as they did when healthy.

Sometimes blockages happen where damaged cells have absorbed fats and plaque is created in the lining of the arteries and this can increase blood pressure. The pressure increases because the heart has to pump harder to move the same amount of blood through vessels which have become constricted, or smaller. This puts more pressure on the blood vessel walls, which makes the readings higher. The risks are pretty major, since they involve the system for pushing blood throughout the body. Nutrients and oxygen are vital to each organ in the body and the blood is what delivers them. When the blood can’t deliver those nutrients and oxygen effectively, organs begin to slowly starve to death.

The four main organs affected the most are the brain, heart, eyes and kidneys. The risks to these organs include heart attack, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, stroke, mini stroke, aneurysm, irregular heart beat and even blindness. Medication can be used to treat high blood pressure, but changes in lifestyle such as exercise and diet can repair some of the damage caused as well as helping to lower it. With the severity of high blood pressure risks, those over 50 should have annual physicals to monitor their health.

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